What we do?

Genealogical DNA Research

Our team of creative researchers take individual DNA samples and finds family. Sounds simple, but a lot of work goes into finding results.

It can be a simple process or very lengthy, depending on the amount of relatives have tested, from known or unknown family. Doing the DNA route can completely bypass closed adoption records imposed by courts, find missing relatives and open up road blocks in genealogy research. It can also bring missing people home, such as in Jane/John Doe cases. Everyone needs to know who and where they came from.

We use the best in research technology, creativity and guarantee that our results are on point and proven. 

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Whether you are an adoptee, working on your family tree  or getting answers on a Doe case, we are ready to help! Each case is as individual as the person tested and we take pride in our work bringing closure to those needing answers.

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